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Welcome to my site dedicated to pai gow poker. Here, you will find all you need to learn to play pai gow poker, pai gow poker rules, and online pai gow poker. I also have a page about free pai gow poker, so you will learn all about that as well. This game is a Western version of the ancient Chinese game of pai gow, which is played with specially marked dominoes. The domino-based game, which is thousands of years old, has many traditions and some of them are still used as rules for the poker game. This version is played with regular playing cards and is basically a combination of the original Chinese dominoes game and traditional Poker.

All the information on this site is written with the player in mind, giving you the opportunity to learn about pai gow poker from someone who really knows about it. Playing pai gow poker is a great way to pass the time at the casino or online. Itís a fast-paced game unlike traditional poker, and you can learn all about how to play pai gow poker on my rules page. There youíll see why itís taking the casinos by storm and why itís such a fun game to play. Similar to Baccarat, in that you play only against the dealer, you also have no opportunity to better your hand after the initial deal of the cards. In that way the playing field is evened, because the only skill required is the ability to arrange your cards into the best hands possible.

Playing pai gow poker involves being dealt 7 cards, and then arranging them into two hands; one of 5 cards and one of 2 cards. In order to win, both of your hands must beat the dealerís hands. The hands are ranked the same as in regular poker with only a couple of exceptions, and the fact that there is a Joker included in the deck. The details about hand-rankings and other rules will be left to the other pages on this site, so please stick around and let the pai gow poker learning begin!

I hope youíll enjoy this site and take the opportunity to look through all the pages that have been provided for you here. The game of pai gow poker is a fairly recent addition to most casinos and you can also find many games of online pai gow poker on the internet. If you have any questions or comments about this site, or suggestions for further subjects to be covered, or just want to chat, please , and Iíll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you for visiting this site.

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