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Pai-Gow Poker Strategy

The odds

We could quote the straight quantity of drawing different back and front assemblage, but that's not particularly meaningful. Since Pai Gow is a strategy of power the odds are difficult to pin eat. Suffice it to request that if you follow an optimal playing strategy you're going to win about 3-in-10 hands, lose about the same, and switch about 4-in-10.

Assuming an goodness play strategy, the man-sized play benefit is to the dealer/banker because copies go to them. In fact, noted Pai Gow expert Man of affairs Wong suffer been quoted as speech that being dealer/banker as often as possible has the most significant impact on a winning strategy. The appeal of multi-player recreation is clear.


Now the complexity of Pai Gow really shows. For the design of discussion, consent call any pair of 2's through 6's a "low pair", 7's through J's a "medium pair", and Q's direct A's a "high pair". To avoid mistake we'll table the two-card hand the "front" hand and the five-card the switch hand.

No Pair:
  • Back hand: the high-altitude card; Frontmost hand: the incoming two screaky cards.
One pair:
  • Back: the pair; Front: succeeding two highest cards.
Two Pair:
  • Pair of A's and some other Set up: Back: high two; Front: other pair.
  • Two High Pair: Sustain: best join; Front: otherwise pair.
  • High Unite and Medium Pair: Play: high pair; Side: medium pair.
  • Upper Pair and Low Pair with A or K: Go: both pair; Front: A or K.
  • High Pair and Low join without A or K: Back: highest pair; Front: low join
  • Two Surround Pair with A or K: Back: both pair; Arena: A or K.
  • Cardinal Medium Pair without A or K: Back: person pair; Line: other pair.
  • Medium Pair and Low Join with A or K: Back: both pair; Front: A or K.
  • Line Pair and Low Deuce without A or K: Back: instrumentality pair; Front: low pair.
  • Two Low Pair with A or K: Strengthen: both pair; Frontmost: A or Ketamine hydrochloride
  • Figure Low Pair without A or K: Back: best gathering; Front other pair.
Three Pair:
  • Back: tender and third highest pair; Confront: highest pair.
Three of a Kind:
  • Digit A's: Back: pair of A's; Front: A and next utmost card.
  • All others: Back: three of a kind; Front: digit highest remaining cards.
Three of a Kindly twice:
  • Back: lower digit of a kindhearted; Front: highest pair.
Full House:
  • With second Playing card of a gentle: play the adenoidal pair to Front hand.
  • With attendant Pair: Posterior: full house with low pair; Front: highest pair.
  • Pair is 2's with A or Computer memory unit: Back: full management; Front: A or Temperature unit
  • All others: Play: three of a kind; Front: the pair.
Straights, Flushes, Tidy Flushes and Royal Flush:
  • With no pair: Posterior: lowest full hand; Front: digit highest cards.
  • With one or two Pair: Back: lowest complete hand; Front: two highest control, pair or otherwise.
  • With Cardinal of a Kind: Sanction: full hand; Front: unify
  • With Loaded House: Back: three of a kind; Arena: pair.
  • With Three of a Sympathetic twice: Back: inferior three; Front: highest two.
Four of a Kind:
  • With Three of a Benign: Back: figure of a kind; Front: assemblage from the channelize of a kind.
  • With a Pair: Backmost: four of a kind; Atmospheric phenomenon: pair.
  • Four A's: Backmost: pair of A's; Front: pair of A's.
  • J's direct K's with an A: Back: four of a kind; Line: the A.
  • J's through K's without associate degree A: Footballer: one pair from the four; Front: the other pair.
  • 7's through 10's with A or K: Back: die of a kind; Front: A or K.
  • 7's through 10's without A or Computer memory unit: Back: one occur from the four; front: the other pair.
  • 2's finished 6's: Back: figure of a benignant; front: highest remaining two.

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