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Pai gow casino games are sweeping the gambling world, and this is the page where you can read all about it. If you donít already know, pai gow is a variation on traditional poker. Itís actually a combination of poker and an ancient Chinese domino game called pai gow. Itís a very interesting game, and the pai gow casino type of poker thatís making such a splash is very fast-paced and exciting. This is a form of poker that doesnít require a huge amount of skill, and very little time to learn. If youíre looking to find out about playing pai gow casino poker, you can visit my pai gow poker rules page or my learn to play pai gow poker page. Both will fill you in on this interesting poker variation.

Pai gow casino poker is similar to Baccarat and Blackjack, in that you play against the dealer instead of the other players, as you would in traditional poker. There is also only one hand dealt to each player, there is no changing your cards, and no opportunity to better your hand with more cards being added as in Blackjack and Baccarat. Pai gow casino poker games are extremely fast moving, and this creates a lot of excitement around the table. Once youíve checked out the rules and how to play on this site, youíll see why itís such an interesting game.

The original domino version of pai gow is actually so close to Baccarat itís uncanny. The name pai gow can be translated as ďMake NineĒ or ďCard NineĒ, and you score the total of two dominoes the exact same way youíd score your cards in Baccarat. The idea is to get as close to 9 without going over, and if you do, 10 is subtracted from your total. There are only two differences between baccarat and pai gow; the use of dominoes instead of cards, and the fact that in pai gow, you have two hands to deal with at the same time. When you play a pai gow casino game you wouldnít know that its Great Granddaddy is just like two-handed baccarat. So really, when you think of it, pai gow casino poker owes a lot to both the original domino game, and to baccarat. When youíre playing pai gow casino poker, youíve got a really interesting melting pot of some ancient Chinese, some very old European, and the newer American games all in one. With its association with poker, itís no wonder why itís making a great impression on people all over the world.

Pai gow casino poker is only different from the original game in that it uses cards, and the hands are ranked basically the same as in traditional poker. As youíll see on my rules page, and the learn to play page, you also get 7 cards dealt to you all at once, at which point itís up to you to organize those cards into two poker hands; one with 5 cards and the other with the remaining two. As long as both your hands beat the dealerís hands, you win. The only stipulation being that your 2-card hand must not beat your 5-card hand. Thatís basically it. I hope youíve found lots to learn from this page. Please make sure you stick around, and soak up all the knowledge there is on this site about pai gow casino poker.

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